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Simair - Flight Simulation Center


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Square meters of space
Professional flying instructors
Full-sized flying simulators
Meters of cables

About SimairSimair – professional pilot training centre

The Simair Virtual simulator training centre has everything you need to hone your passenger jet and propeller aircraft skills. The centre is home to four different flight simulators, namely the Boeing 737 MAX, Airbus A320 NEO, Cessna C152 and CrewSim – our bespoke cabin simulator. Regardless of whether you are an experienced pilot or you are just starting out and want to learn, our centre will help you with everything you need – state-of-the-art equipment and software, along with the support of experienced professional instructors. We will help you get to know specific aircraft types, offer you opportunities to practice your procedures, support your preparation for practical exercises used in airline recruitment procedures and other aviation-related jobs and give you ample opportunities to practice your VFR routes. Simair also enables practising night flights, which are an important part of any pilot’s skill set. Any experienced and aspiring pilot can find something useful at our training centre – we offer ample development and training opportunities and let you fix your mistakes in a safe environment. Our simulators are a great way to complement your in-air training.

What makes us stand out?

  • We are located in an excellent place – just 7 minutes away from the Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • We prepare prospective pilots and cabin crew members and train them in line with the requirements of selected airlines; we also help civilians and enthusiasts to discover the fascinating world of aviation.
  • Our centre hosts four simulators, which allows us to offer tailored training that suits everybody. What is more, thanks to our state-of-the-art simulation software and full attention to detail, our simulators perfectly replicate actual cockpits and the behaviour of the aircraft in the air.
  • We are the only pilot training centre in Poland that offers a Boeing 737 MAX simulator, giving pilots a unique opportunity to train on the type.
  • We do not focus only on theory – we are all about practical hands-on experience. You can take advantage of the help of our instructors – airline pilots with experience on various types, in particular those available at our training centre. The benefits of this knowledge and guidance is invaluable. Anyone who wants to hone their flying skills should be aware of this.

Bartosz Kwieciński, CEO Simair Virtual