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Flight Attendant Course – Cabin Crew

Three-Day Flight Attendant Course

Do you want to see the world? Do you feel the urge to travel? Are you naturally curious? Do you like people and know how to talk to them?
If you do, perhaps working in the aircraft cabin is a perfect choice for you!
With our course, you can prepare for recruitment and learn the ins and outs of working on the ground and 35 000 feet above.
Being well-prepared gets you half-way there, and the knowledge you will learn during the course will get you closer to achieving your goal and getting your dream job.
The course is taught in Polish, with select parts in English

Course benefits:

The three-day intensive training course will teach you how to take care of your make-up and great appearance, how to prepare your resume, what does airline recruitment look like, and the ins and outs of aviation vocabulary. We will introduce you to the world of aviation, tell you more about the day in the life of a cabin crew member and introduce you to basic aircraft equipment.
During the interactive classes, we will practice various skills useful to prospective flight attendants.
We also hope to teach you our passion for aviation!

What makes us stand out:

Theory and nothing more? That’s not what our courses are all about! Our training centre hosts a Boeing 737 MAX simulator linked to a realistic plane cabin, where you are going to do all the practical exercises and practice scenarios during a training flight – this will allow you to feel like a real crew member!

Brief Course Plan:

Day 1

  • Grooming / make-up
  • Building resume
  • Recruitment – Part 1

Day 2

  • Introduction to aviation
  • Aircraft equipment
  • Emergency situations
  • CRM elements
  • Practical exercises

Day 3

  • Recruitment – Part 2
  • Discussion of resumes
  • Course Summary
Price: 899zł 699 PLN (discount valid through the end of March 2023)

Upcoming course dates: